Competent Faculty

Noor-e-Hamza Islamic College faculty comprises of eminent scholars who bring exciting combination of academic excellence, significant experience, domestic depth, international breadth, theological and philosophical background, and deep personal commitment to their students The core competency of the Noor-e-Hamza College is the faculty. Noor-e-Hamza recruits teachers who are not only deeply grounded in their respective disciplines, but also are recognized industry leaders in their spheres. A core tenet of our teaching philosophy is that knowledge resides in the hearts of humans, not in the lines of books.

For teachers at Noor-e-Hamza college, the selection process is stringent, the demands varied and the teaching life tough. Noor-e-Hamza subscribes to the guiding principle that in addition to formal education,the teachers are parent-surrogates and role-models of Islamic behavior.

In addition to outstanding educational qualifications, the College demands a commitment towards building appropriate character and behavior patterns as enshrined in the tenets of Al-Islam.

The faculty and the administration are committed to excellence in competence and performance at all levels of the learning and teaching process at various levels of the educational spectrum. It is incumbent on the faculty to periodically take refresher courses to update their skills and keep abreast of new trends in education and improve delivery and instructions. The faculty is strongly measured against and encouraged to take professional development seriously and make efforts to take advantage of the opportunities available to them � both within and outside the school. Part of the teaching process requires classroom management techniques and workshops and seminars are offered to the faculty to discuss, learn from and implement learning styles and various intelligences.