NHIC is providing opportunity for their students to learn Arabic language smoothly and easily, with a lot of new features that makes learning easier and more efficient. Remember that learning a language is a challenge and a long term goal. We develop both verbal (Speaking and Comprehension) communication Arabic skills, as well as written (reading and writing) through exercises and daily practice. Our method is to give students as much exposure to Arabic, in all forms, as possible so that they develop their skills with Arabic language patterns. Students are encouraged to use what they have learned in both their written and spoken Arabic to activate their new vocabulary and help their eyes and ears to capture the pattern of the language structure.

Arabic can seem like a difficult language to learn, but with challenge comes opportunity. The Arabic language is one of the most useful business languages to learn. With growing business opportunities in the Middle East and being the official language in over 20 countries, Arabic is the language that will also help students to improve their career and job opportunities.

Upon the completion of the course, students will be able to converse confidently and accurately on simple subjects as well as attain a better grasp of Arabic grammar. They will possess the ability to form grammatically correct sentences with ease, pronounce words clearly and recognizably, read and comprehend basic texts, and write brief compositions dealing with different topics.